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A Cocktail A Day: 4/27/18

Muddled pear, poteen from Enchanted Mountain Spirits Distillery, blood orange shrub, Aperol and Hellfire Shrub!

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New Boozes At The Bar

We have four new bottles we’ve added to our shelves!


APEROL — Aperol is an Italian aperitif made from gentian, rhubarb, chinchona and bitter orange among other ingredients. You’ll usually see it stocked on a back bar sitting next to the Campari. Aperol was introduced in 1919 and has an ABV of 11 percent. The most well-known cocktail using the apertif is the Aperol Spritz.




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Modified Midori Sour #2

Earlier in the week I posted about a friend who took a photo of two Midori Sours at the bar where I work.

That photo, and the conversation sparked, spurred me to try and modify the classic Midori Sour. That first post can be read by clicking here.

Everyone I know hates the idea of Midori Sours, and that’s mostly because they’re afraid of two things— getting too much of the liqueur and also having to drink packaged sours mix.

In my first attempt at modifying the drink, I added in Applejack with the Midori and lemon juice.

The addition definitely made for a different and even tasty drink, but it was too different — it didn’t feel like a Midori Sour any longer.

What follows is another attempt at updating the basis Midori Sour:

Modified Midori Sour #2 



•2 oz Midori
•1 oz lemon juice
•1/2 oz Contratto Apertif orange bitter liqueur (or Aperol)


Shake all ingredients over ice ans strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange wedge.


Again, thus was just an okay drink. It was more like a Midori Sour than my first attempt, but it was too sweet. I think the orange flavor worked nicely, but I need to change the proportions.

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