A couple of themes have emerged in the few years that I’ve been posting blogs here, and so I figured these regular features deserve their own page and descriptions:


  • Beer Me
    This is the tag I’ve started using for posts about craft brew. Expect a basic summary of the beer’s flavor profile and other assorted stats accompanied by a photograph — nothing fancy. Just short posts I log on the fly to catalog new beers I come across.

  • Comics & Cocktails
    I’ve grown quite fond of cocktail culture and history in recent years, but I’ve been a fan of comics for far longer. I have a monthly newspaper column called “Nerding Out” where I write about comic-related entertainment, so it only made sense to have a feature here on this blog which details the overlap between my two passions.

  • Stars & Spirits
    This feature came about as I noticed a theme developing in the Calendar section of the blog. A great many classic and modern cocktails are named after actors and actresses, or else draw on Old Hollywood as inspiration — and so I use this tag to keep track of it all.