Missouri Mule

Missouri became the 24th state in the Union on Aug. 10, 1821.

Years later, bartender Joe Gilmore created the Missouri Mule for President Harry S. Truman. The drink commemorates Truman’s homestate of Missouri.

(Photo from the web)

What’s interesting about this cocktail is that it doesn’t have the one ingredient typically associated with “Mule” cocktails, which is ginger beer.

Instead, this drink takes the “Mule” portion of its name from the fact that the mule is the state of Missouri’s official animal. Plus, Truman was a Democrat (and that party’s animal is the donkey — which is the product of a mule and horse).

Joe Gilmore has a number of cocktails credited to his name. But this post is specifically about the Missouri Mule.

You can also find a variation of the recipe in ounces online at Kindred Cocktails.

•2 parts Bourbon
•2 parts Applejack
•2 parts Lemon juice
•1 part Campari
•1 part Cointreau

Combine with ice, shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Google the phrase “Missouri Mule” and you’ll find another drink with the same name, but a different recipe — gin, lemon juice and creme de cassis.

Still, this bourbon recipe from Joe Gilmore seems to outpace the gin variation 5 to 1.

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