Chicago Cocktail

The Chicago Cocktail is only three (or four) ingredients, depending on how you make it.

Chicago was incorporated as a town on Aug. 12, 1833. It was incorporated as a city on March 4, 1837.

The recipe online at the Internet Cocktail Database calls for only three ingredients: Brandy, Bitters & Orange Curaçao.

(Photo from

Here’s a basic recipe for the Chicago Cocktail:

•2 oz brandy
•1/4 oz triple sec
•1 dash biters
•Top with champagne (optional)

Stir in a mixing glass with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon peel or slice.

From Wikipedia:

Some versions call for sugaring the rim of the glass. It can be served on the rocks in a double old-fashioned glass or, especially in the champagne variation, straight up in a champagne coupe or flute or a cocktail glass.

Imbibe Magazine’s recipe calls for Cointreau and sparkling wine.

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