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Drinks At Brazill’s

Last night I had dinner and drinks at Brazill’s on Main in Westfield, N.Y.

It was my second time at the restaurant, and it was as great an experience as my first visit — if not better.

I had a rye Manhattan to start:

I also had a bourbon & cider drink:

Even though it’s within Chautauqua County, Brazill’s is a bit of a hike from Jamestown — and I don’t get there often enough because the place is open the same hours as when I’m usually working at my restaurant.

Last night was a bit of a surprise night off though, and I tried to make the most of it.

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Customer Appreciation Post — Ginger Manhattan

Stolen from the Instagram of a friend:


It’s a Manhattan on the rocks, but I cut back on the simple syrup and added Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur as well as regular Angostura and orange Angostura bitters.

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Fat-Wash Duck Whiskey

My chef at the restaurant where I work is pretty damn awesome.

She’s a constant supporter of us bartenders furthering our craft, and is always quick to help out in any way she can.

Her encouragement fuels my excitement for stepping up our cocktail game and vice-versa. The two of us can geek out pretty hard over obscure drink recipes, new techniques and vintage barware… So when I started telling her about how some bartenders have fat-washed whiskey with flavors like bacon and duck fat, it was only a matter of time before we had to try it ourselves.

From all that I’ve read about it so far, fat-washing just seems like a fancy name for infusing liquor in a certain way — a process where we add the fat and then later put the booze in the freezer to solidify the fat for removal.

This recipe for a Duck Sazerac was what we followed when making our own bottle of fat-washed rye whiskey, which is pictured below:


So, first and foremost I should say that this was an experiment for ourselves — and not anything we’re serving.

But in terms of the end result, I think we were both pretty impressed with the way the duck fat softened the rye whiskey — sweetening it and smoothing it out.

I’ve seen recipes online using bourbon, but I’m glad we went with rye. So much of the heat and pepper was softened, but the spirit still comes through. 

The rye recipes I’ve seen online for this fat-washed duck rye were basic drinks like the Sazerac and the Manhattan. My intent is to do a Smoked Duck Julep (and just in time for the Kentucky Derby no less). I’ve still got to test out making a smoked simple syrup and weigh it against a scotch rinse and other smoke options.

And I hope Jim Beam doesn’t mind my modification of its label in the picture above!

Further Reading:

— Here’s an article entitled The Science Of Fat-Washing.

— Another How To” post, but this one has a video.

— A recipe for a Smoked Duck Manhattan.

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Remembering ‘Wrong Way’ Corrigan

Tonight I’ll be having a bottle of Brooklyn Lager and a shot of Jameson in remembrance of Douglas Corrigan’s flight from Brooklyn to Ireland.

On July 17, 1938, Douglas Corrigan filed a flight plan for a return trip to California from Brooklyn.

He ended up in Ireland.

The story’s really quite fascinating. Some say he pulled the stunt intentionally, after having been denied permission to cross the Atlantic.

The following is from History.com:

After arriving in New York, Corrigan filed plans for a transatlantic flight, but aviation authorities deemed it a suicide flight, and he was promptly denied.

Instead, they would allow Corrigan to fly back to the West Coast, and on July 17 he took off from Floyd Bennett field. After takeoff, he made a 180-degree turn and vanished.

Twenty-eight hours later, Corrigan landed his plane in Dublin. He stepped out of his plane and exclaimed: “Just got in from New York. Where am I?”

Seems like the sort of thing that should be remembered with suds and spirit.

As I said at the outset of this post, I’ll be having a bottle of Brooklyn Lager and a shot of Jameson tonight. Still, I think the old boy deserves a drink named after him.

I was thinking something along the lines of a Manhattan made with Irish whiskey (plus a few other little additions):

Wrong Way Corrigan
•2 ounces Irish whiskey
•1/2 oz sweet vermouth
•1/2 oz dry vermouth
•Splash lemon juice
•Dash orange bitters

Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass or serve in a lowball glass with fresh ice.

Thoughts? It’s essentially just a a perfect Manhattan with Irish whiskey and some citrus (lemon juice and orange bitters).

If this drink already exists and has a name just let me know in the comments section.

Of course, any occasion such as this is a perfect time for an Aviation Cocktail:
•Imbibe Magazine
Cold Glass

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