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Customer Appreciation Post — Anita Pisco

A customer came back from a trip abroad with a newfound love of Pisco, and in specific — the Pisco Sour.

We don’t have Pisco at the restaurant where I work, but that didn’t stop me from making her an egg white sour with Añejo tequila.

The drink was a hit and she cleverly named it the Anita Pisco — “I need a Pisco.” And her name is a Anita Paladino. And there’s still no tequila in the drink, but she and I still think it’s funny to call it that.

I’m sure it’s slightly annoying for my co-workers that I have these one-off drinks for a dozen different regulars… but my customers like it that I remember their drinks, and when it’s something specific to them (like his this Anita Pisco) — it’s even more of a memorable visit to the bar. Plus we’re only open five days a week and I’m usually there most every night, which is surely how all this arose in the first place.

Regardless, I like slinging specialty drinks and it’s always a treat to have fun and enthusiastic customers.

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Aquafaba Beer Cocktail

That’s not beer foam in this picture:

I spent a lot of time last week learningn to work with aquafaba — a vegan substitute for egg white!

The stuff works very well, and is easy to find… It’s just the juice left in a can of chickpeas. Weird, I know. But the smell disappears and the liquid emulates the thickness and foaminess of egg white pretty exactly.

I read about the substitute here, I’m an article from Tales Of The Cocktail.

The beer cocktail pictured above mixed SouthernTier’s Porter with Averna, Spiced Chocolate Bitters aquafaba foam and more!

The result was sort of like a milkshake with chocolate and coffee notes.

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