Quality Cocktails Take Teamwork

Quality cocktails take teamwork.

Sure, bartenders make drinks solo from behind the bar, but chances are someone else helped set it up, stock it and clean it. An owner probably orders the liquor and someone on the kitchen staff might be the one who makes the weekly supply of simple syrup.

Then there’s a bartender’s actual Front of House coworkers. The diversity of interests and talents between a group of passionate and dedicated people can be amazing — one might be more knowledgable of wine while another’s a bitters geek and a third knows the ins-and-outs of brewing beer.

Everyone’s got their strengths, and through the work of everyone on a team the final product will inevitably be a better one — even if it comes from a solo bartender on a closing shift. Chances are some of what that person’s making (and how and why) are likely due in part to how they were taught or something a coworker put together for the restaurant.

There’s no real point to this little rant other than to set up the following picture, a photo of my coworker and I straining pickle juice for a Pickle Back shots:


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