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Happy Birthday, Douglas Fairbanks!

Douglas Fairbanks

May 23 1883


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Angostura Mixing Guide

Here are the cocktails in the letter “A” section:

Abbey Cocktail
Absinthe Cocktail
Absinthe Frappe
Adonis Cocktail
Airmail Cocktail
Akvavit & Bitters
Alabama Fizz
Aalaska Cocktail
Alexander Cocktail
Amer Picon Cocktail
American Beauty Cocktail
American Beauty Punch
Angel’s Kiss
Angler’s Cocktail
Anisette Cocktail
Anniversary Cocktail
Appetizer Cocktail
Applejack Rabbit
Apple Swizzle
Around-The-World Cocktail
Aviation Cocktail

You can read the full list below:

Read the full list of Angostura cocktails here

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