Olive Oil As A Garnish

I spent part of my Monday night scrolling through April Wachtel’s Instagram account, checking out her food photos and cocktail photography.

I had just earlier in the day listened to an episode of The Speakeasy Podcast where Damon Boelte was interviewing her about mocktails.

Anyway, one of the photos I came across was of a drink with interesting little bubbles floating in it.

So today when I got to work I decided to try floating olive oil in a cocktail:

In total, that’s about three drops of olive oil. After I got the drops in the glass, they kept floating closer and closer to one another — and of course, when they touched, they became one big bubble of olive oil.


April Wachtel’s not alone in adding olive oil to cocktails. Check these links:

—Four olive oil cocktails from Wine Mag.
—Some “Cocktail Science” from Serious Eats.
—A fat-washing article by Camper English!
—Straight from the horse’s mouth!
—A recipe for a gin sour with olive oil called the Slick Rick.
—One last link from PairMag.

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