Comics & Cocktails #3 • The Superior Iron Man Shares A Drink

Tony Stark, Tony Stark, Tony Stark.. It was only a matter of time before Iron Man showed up here in the “Comics & Cocktails” feature.

This is a more recent comic compared with the other two I’ve posted so far. Links to those are at the end of this post.

Here we have Tony Stark drinking Matt Murdock’s booze and berating Daredevil. See, Stark fixed Daredevil’s sight for him — without asking. And, as you can see here, Stark wants to celebrate, but Murdock’s not all that happy:


Stark’s back on the sauce in his new “Superior Iron Man” title and he seems to really be earning that new “Superior” moniker he’s been given. As a result of Marvel’s “Axis” storyline, some of the publisher’s heroes and villains have had their personalities flipped, so Tony Stark is even more of a pompous dick in the comics right now — and he’s pretty much extorting people with his “Extremis” app.

Earlier in this issue, as Daredevil’s waking up, Tony asks him where he keeps his good booze. Nothing like having an estranged friend knock you out and then rifle through your liquor bottles, am I right? But what would Daredevil have that Tony Stark would consider “Good Booze”?

This isn’t the sort of thing that Matt Murdock’s going to have on his shelves, but here’s a recent article from The Spirits Business about some premium bottles of Japanese whiskey selling at record prices. Tony Stark likes just about everything in his life to be expensive and extravagant, and so that article I’d just recently read came to mind when I started writing this post.

These next three panels come prior to the one posted above. Here Tony pours himself the drink which Daredevil slaps out of his hand.

Forget the dialogue balloons and keep your eyes on Iron Man in the background:
Not a jigger in sight! Looks like Tony’s a free pour guy.

Do you know of a panel in a comic where a character is boozing it up? Shoot me an email at with the details. I’d love to include it here on the blog.

•#1 — Darkseid Drinking Brandy (Link)
•#2 — Constantine Chugging From The Bottle (Link)



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