Veracruz Bloody Mary

I figured I’d share this recipe I came up with for a funky little Bloody Mary, as the contest I’d submitted it to is now over.

A few months back there was an open call for Bloody Mary recipes for the Food Network’s NYC Wine & Food Festival.

I put together a recipe and photographed it at the bar where I work (with the help of our chef, Julie Scheira) and this is what we came up with:

•1 part ABSOLUT Limon
•1 part ABSOLUT Cilantro
•4 parts Bloody Mary mix
•1 garnish cocktail shrimp
•1 garnish horseradish pickle
•1 garnish cocktail onion
•1 garnish cocktail olive
•1 garnish andouille sausage
•1 garnish seasoned popcorn
•1 garnish cilantro
•2 dashes Worcestershire
•2 dashes celery bitters
•2 dashes Tapatio hot sauce
•1 dash seasoning salt
•1 splash beer
•1/2 part lime juice

To make the Veracruz Bloody Mary, start by filling a pint glass with ice. Then pour in the vodkas followed by all the other ingredients, but not the beer or garnishes!

Next, roll the contents of the glass into a mixing tin and then back into the glass.

Finish by topping with a splash of beer and then assemble the garnishes!

For garnishes we like a shrimp and a horseradish pickle as well as our house-seasoned popcorn and skewers of alternating onions, olives and andouille sausage.

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