Recipes For Essential Mixes Drinks

I picked up this pocket cocktail pamphlet at a household sale in Lakewood, N.Y.


Bellows: Recipes For Essential Mixed Drinks

This was one of six vintage pamphlets I picked up at a local household sale. I’ll post the rest soon. And maybe one day I’ll get around to transcribing the recipes.

The thing with a pamphlet like this though is that it specifies its particular brand in all of the drinks which are listed. They’re great to own for the art and phrasing though, especially the party books for hosts and hostesses. Those ones have hilarious little cartoons and suggestions for party games and canapés and all sorts of other stuff. This pamphlet’s a more straightforward set of recipes.

I just did a quick Google search and found a few of these Bellows books available for sale online. Not sure of more than that though. From what I can find online it maybe printed in 1949? Or 1950?

The book’s divided up into five sections:
•Brandy, Sherry & Champagne

There’s a total of 34 cocktails in the book and they’re printed as follows:

–Bourbon on the Rocks
–Old Fashioned
–Dry Manhattan
–Mint Julep
–Whiskey Sour
–Whiskey Toddy
–Dry Martini
–Bronx Cocktail
–Southside Cocktail
–Gin Rickey
–Tom Collins
–French 75
–Cuba Libre
–Planters Punch
–Rum Collins
Brandy, Sherry & Champagne
–Brandy Smash
–Side Car
–Jack Rose
–Sherry Flip
–Champagne Cocktail
–Champagne Bowl
–Whiskey Egg Nog
–Whiskey Tom & Jerry
–Peach Bowl
–Black Velvet
–Bellows Rum Cocktail
–The Grasshopper
–Hot Whiskey Toddy
–Sazerac Cocktail
–Bamboo Cocktail

Other Vintage Cocktail Pamphlets:
•The Smart Hostess — Link



2 responses to “Recipes For Essential Mixes Drinks

  1. george moran

    hi, I have one similar , copyright 1951, with a black cover page. gm

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