The Smart Hostess & The Discriminating Host

I picked this up at a house sale: The Smart Hostess!


It’s a pamphlet printed by the Rival Manufacturing Company in 1954 or 1960, I’m not seeing a whole lot about it anywhere on the internet.


The first section of the pamphlet has ads for the Ice-O-Matic Electric Ice Crusher, The Bucketeer Ice-O-Mat, the Two-Way Ice-O-Mat and the Vogue Ice-O-Mat.

The second section is all party foods and non-alcoholic beverages, but the last section is all bar basics and classic cocktails. Here they are in the order they’re printed:

•Gin Fizz
•Milk Punch
•Stinger Cocktail
•Maple Leaf Cocktail
•Preakness Cocktail
•Whiskey Fix
•Sloe Gin Fizz
•Southern Comfort Cocktail
•Rum Sour
•Side Car
•Mint Julep
•Frozen Daiquiri
•Planter’s Punch
•Orange Blossom Cocktail
•Golden Dawn Cocktail
•Pink Lady Cocktail
•Cider & Gin
•Shamrock Cocktail
•Ward 8
•Bourbon & Scotch Mist

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