Spiced And Stormy

I’ve been on a ginger beer kick of late.

From the traditional “Dark and Stormy” and the “Moscow Mule” to some crazy and truly inspired ideas (cilantro vodka!?), I’ve been throwing back quite a bit of the ginger brew these last few weeks.

For folks new to the beverage though, as with so many other things… I’ve found that small forays into new territory really help to get people interested and on board.

And so there’s the “Spiced and Stormy,” which is really just a small twist on the traditional “Captain & Ginger Ale.”

About This Cocktail
A variation on the traditional Dark and Stormy, made tall (an extra ounce) with Captain Morgan rum in place of dark rum.

3 ounces of Captain Morgan
6 ounces of ginger beer
Garnish with a lime wedge or twist

Pack a Collins glass full with ice and pour in rum, then ginger beer and finish with the lime garnish.



4 responses to “Spiced And Stormy

  1. I love a good dose of ginger ale (basically flavoured carbonated water, a crisper taste in my mind) so i appreciate this post very much! I wrote a little number on Mule cocktail variations recently, i hope you don’t mind me posting, as it might be something you like? If not say and i’ll remove the link! 🙂 – hope it helps!

  2. Also i love using Kraken Spiced Rum in a stormy cocktail. something about it just works for me! 🙂

  3. Frontier Mixology

    Thanks for the comments and the link! I’ll check it out now! I haven’t done Kraken yet in a “Dark and Stormy,” but I’ve used it a couple times this summer to make dirty mojitos! So good!

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